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Monique’s Business Accelerator program was nothing short of a magical experience for me. I didn’t know it, but before I started working with Monique I was floundering and confused about how to make my dream a reality. The Accelerator program was everything I didn’t realize I needed. Working with Monique helped transform my divinely inspired vision into a REAL & TANGIBLE business.  The pace of the Accelerator helped me stay consistent in building the business, even while maintaining another 9-5 job. Perhaps most importantly, the experience of working with Monique pushed me to rely on and hone in on my own intuition more than ever before.  This is a gift, and a discipline, that will be invaluable in not only my business, but also my life outside of work. I look forward to working with Monique for many years to come, and truly cannot recommend the Accelerator and Intensive highly or widely enough.




Working with Monique has been such a blessing for my business and over the course of three months I went from having a subtle idea of how I could work with people to being completely booked out with private mentorship clients. I had always felt resistance towards myself and whether or not I had enough value to be able to have a completely booked schedule, and through Monique's integrative healing sessions and insight I was able to uncover blocks and move forward empowered and aligned. I am so grateful to have had these three months and would highly recommend Monique if you are starting your business and looking for insight on how to find alignment in your services, your brand and your message to the world.



Thank you. I am loving this process and appreciate your ability to see into how I already work and where I want to go.  As the client, this feels so reassuring.  Like I don’t need to worry about explaining everything to you, because you already know. 



I have that excitement of the limitless possibilities that my business can offer me again and it was there the whole time. I just couldn’t see it because of my subconscious blocks. I am telling anyone that wants to live a full life of real lasting abundance to try this out. It has truly changed my life. And miracles are occurring with huge business opportunities for global reach just a few days after my session. Why I say ? Because I am worth it and the energy is flowing to people that see me. Like I said an open mind is all that is needed.



My experience working with Monique during the Business Accelerator Program has been nothing short of incredible, enlightening, and empowering. To have her as a thought partner and intuitive guide as I developed my business has allowed me to create from a place of true authenticity, purpose, and joy - certainly one of the most transformative experiences of my life.



Going into this program I felt lost, uninspired and very disconnected with my brand. Monique was able to tune into my field, reground my vision with my brand and do so in a way that's very meaningful and fulfilling. She also remarkably unblocked my energy in a healing session, allowing me to be able to write again, be creative again and connect with myself again.

I cried while writing my Brand Manifesto because it felt so good to be passionate again. Since I was launching three new services with the refresh of my company, the product build-outs were extremely beneficial, giving me clarity, confidence and hope. Monique knows what she's doing. And for an all-over-the-place creative like me, learning how to establish these processes is 100% invaluable. I feel more embodied, more confident and ready to change the world.



The business accelerator program was the best thing I ever did for my business and myself. Within the first session, I could see clearly where my own efforts and perspectives were actually blocking my business growth and holding me back.



Monique's Business Accelerator Program has been a tremendous life changer to the growth of my business. I required so much help with getting clarity about what my business could offer my tribe. Monique was able to tap into that space of confusion and guide me to clarity and alignment. This brought ease and comfort around the direction and growth of my business. I've created more flow, confidence, and sacred space for my business to attract my tribe. Without her support and guidance I feel like I would still be hustling and lost vs. feeling in control and confident with what I have to offer the world.



Before the Business Accelerator Program, I struggled with lack of focus and with NO real business experience. I had all the ideas and dreams but NO structure, how to plan to execute, or confidence that I can follow. While going through the program I came to find my lack of commitment to myself kept me from moving forward.



The business accelerator program has changed the course of my life in a radically wonderful way. I have been holding on to the vision of my brand, Good, Wise and Wonderful for almost 15 years, unable to shake my procrastination and fear of failure. This program is unlike anything else I've ever seen, and every single person can benefit from it. The program puts your purpose at the heart of the program, and everything else cascades from that point. This is a program unlike anything that exists in the market and will change lives as it's given me such fulfillment and clarity within myself, to stay in balance and alignment.



I highly recommend the Business Accelerator program to anyone! With Monique’s guidance and support, I was able to create and launch my entire business on the exact day I had wanted. Honestly, if you had seen me at the beginning of the program it would have been a very questionable proposition as I doubted my abilities, was very unclear, and had no clue as to what was involved in launching a business. Every part of the program complemented the other as the insight sessions allowed me to understand what was the true issue, then work on them in the integration session, and then implement strategies to create my brand. The accountability sessions were really helpful as there were plenty of action items that I needed to do & they helped to keep me on track.



I went into this program not really knowing much about what I was getting myself into.  Monique came highly recommended. Working with her helped me look at myself more honestly & more clearly than I ever have. She is an amazing mirror and has helped me grow in so many ways. She taught me the value and integration of personal responsibility and that has translated greatly in my business.

I am more organized than ever! I have more clarity, purpose, direction and focus than ever. And rather than feeling overwhelmed like in the past, I'm inspired, motivated and feel so aligned and supported!




Monique's program provides a great foundation to support me as a budding entrepreneur. Her insight and healing are extremely helpful in navigating decisions and emotions in building and growing an authentic business. I highly recommend her program to anyone! 



Your program helped me immensely! Through our work, I was able to clearly articulate the vision of The Living Spree Life and how I can be of service to women. The process challenged me on every level and helped me grow. Also, the branding piece alone I felt was well worth the whole program cost. I have a beautiful brand that I am super proud of. I highly recommend this program!


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