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Aligning & Activating Entrepreneurs with Their Greatest Vision

"When I met Monique I wasn’t sure how to take the next step in my business. Her insight, cognizance and comprehension helped me to choose the right path when I was at a crossroads and it most certainly has paid off. Monique’s accurate and deep understanding aided me with the tools and awareness I needed in order to take the right step into a brave new world and business enterprise. Her intuition combined with her marketing and business acumen was a welcomed gift. Since then we have patented a breakthrough technology, formed a new company with a great team and signed a major contract."

Warren Roberts


What If In 90 Minutes You Could Receive...

  • Answers to all of your specific business questions and solutions to your challenges including but not limited to:

  • Clarity on your path, mission, and purpose
  • Opportunities on how to earn more money without feeling drained

  • Honest & direct feedback about how & where you get in your own way & how to get out of it

  • Confidence in how to¬†move forward with the least amount of effort and maximum results

  • The ability to easily achieve your goals with simple¬†actions

  • And more!

 "My sessions with Monique absolutely blew me away. In less than an hour we dove deep into the inter-connectedness between personal and professional development. Not only did she intuitively discover areas of weakness & opportunity, but she also recommended clear and concise feedback for growth. I’d highly recommend Intuitive Freedom to anyone who is ready to take a deep look inside to unlock their true potential in business."

Thomas Paterek


"My Business Insight session with Monique was not at all what I expected. The session left me more inspired than any typical coaching session ever could! Her ability to translate the Field and Truth in all of us brought life back to my dwindling self-project. Monique's style of delivery let me know that all answers are readily available to us. We just need to start listening; to our emotions, our fears, our attachments, and what we 'perceive' to be a block. I would recommend Monique's Business Insight sessions for anyone looking to Remember, on a deeper level, why they are here and how they align with the work they do."

Dr. Andréa Paige


"I was amazed at how much relevant information I received from my Business Insight Session. I felt distinctly inspired and light-hearted and I like the direction it has given me. I now feel more secure on my path having had this session and I have practical guidelines to follow in order to move forward in areas that I felt stuck with before my session. Thank you for your encouragement and the priceless guidance!"

Heather Hobbs 


You, Your Brand, Your Life & Your Business On Another Level‚Äč

During your 1:1 Business Insight Session, we will explore the source field and translate the answers and/or solutions that are most energetically aligned with you.

We will dive deep and uncover the data behind the scenes, address your challenges, and answer any questions you have that will enable you to leave the session with clarity, confidence, and inspiration.

‚ÄčHow is this possible?¬†Everything is energy¬†and¬†in 'The Field', you and your business exist as an aligned and unique energetic frequency and configuration.

‚Äč‚ÄčTherefore you simply need to know if and how to align with that frequency to resolve challenges or create what you desire. What's most important is to understand how to¬†
align your efforts for maximum success.

I will translate the quantum field of information that you and your business carry and prepare you for your next launch, campaign, meeting, new hire, event, product, or whatever you need.

We will see your business from a broader and more aligned perspective to better understand what energies are at play, what's in the way, how to resolve issues and potential problems, and what is most aligned with your true authentic self.
We will also connect you to the dimensions in which all that you desire is already created and happening, giving you a head start in the actualization process.

All problems, including the most complex ones, are already solved in the Quantum Field.

"Before you go off and sign up for any online copying of someone else’s process, find out exactly how YOU are best to get into the creation zone and manifest results. With Monique, we hooked into my zone of success, my specific path for annual growth this year and my specific learning, not someone else's. After reading others' reviews of her work and now my personal experience, I know it was the best investment made."

John Bradley


"Monique blew my mind with all kinds of ideas and pathways to grow my already successful business. I was feeling a bit stuck on where to move next and Monique helped clear my mind and path to step forward. She was able to give me very detailed directions on where and how to move next. I felt a lightness but also strength and clarity after my session with Monique. She answered every question thoughtfully and honestly. I am so happy and so grateful to have Monique in my life!"

Eileen O'Dea


"I received a wellspring of valuable information! Without providing her with a lot of context on my business, she spoke directly to the relevant challenges, collaborators, and through the line of my work. It was as if she’d somehow been provided with a thorough brief, or we’d already been working together for some time. She was able to advise me on the specific ins and outs of my business. Besides being a pleasant surprise, and a unique approach, it was also very efficient since there was little explanation needed."

Andrew Barrett


Business Insight Session Investment

During your first private 70-minute call, you will bring your top challenges & any other questions you have about your business as well as your goals. We will download, translate & share the insights in both strategic and specific terms.

During your follow-up 20-minute call, booked within 30 days of 1st session, you can ask any clarifying questions from the 1st session or discuss your next steps.




Includes: 70 min Session + 20 min Follow Up Session

Follow Up Session Must Be Booked within 30 Days of the initial Business Insight Session


"Monique holds your greatest potential and reflects back to you the highest timeline of your professional and life purpose with clarity, directness, and actionable steps that will transcend any blocks and resistance holding you back from actualizing your fullest potential."

Jacquie Jordan


"I've had the good fortune to experience a Business Insight session with Monique Evans. This is the best investment in our business success. I am here to tell you that I have such clarity and focus on where to go and how to reach our growth targets, how to work smarter, how many staff we need to reach growth, how to ensure my family doesn't suffer from too much work and more. Such powerful insights for any business.

Johanna Barton


Thanks SO much, Monique, for my Intuitive Business Session, it was so much more than I expected. You really have a gift! The reading was clear, precise, insightful and very helpful for me to know what next steps to take. It's helped a lot! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thanks again! 



Insights, Your Business & Confidentiality

 20+ years working for global brands in Sales & Marketing management roles has offered Monique immense experience in how to develop & implement successful business strategies, create effective partnerships, and align with authentic purpose.

That said, please note that during a Business Insight Session, she works exclusively with you & your business' energetic field to translate specific information. While she has an inherent understanding of business goals & challenges, she is strictly translating the information she sees and will clarify the difference between that and standard business consulting. This will include insights, data, and solutions regarding all aspects of the operation. Ultimately, Monique can not be held responsible for any business decisions or actions made by clients.

Each client and business is unique and while there has not been any crossover of data between clients, Monique is available to sign NDAs when necessary, as well as Exclusive Industry Agreements for Retainer Consulting clients. 


Still have questions? Book a complimentary Discovery Session and let's connect!


"What a beautiful and powerful experience. I was given the space to get so much clarity about what I really wanted in my business and career. I felt so powerfully held by Monique and guided to courageous truths. I was able to have clarity on what and where I needed to focus. I feel excited and am looking forward to trying the new Business and life Alignments offered. I left the session truly looking forward to the new possibilities in my business."

Monica Pelayo


"My session with Monique was very helpful and deeply meaningful to me. Monique helped make me aware of some hidden issues that were leaking energy away from my fully committing to my business path. Her insight to cleanse that part of my activity was quite urgent. Her intuitive approach brought clarity on several different aspects of my business & I was left with a concrete and clear set of tasks that I'm beginning to work on already. I am grateful for what I received during our session and I wholeheartedly recommend Monique's insight."

Victor D.


"Monique offered valuable input and guidance through her Business Insight Session - I loved it. It brought both confirmations that increased my clarity and also new perspectives allowing my business to be even more authentic and effortless."

Jonas F.



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