​Intuition Activation Meditation e-Book, Guided Audio + Journal  

Learn How To Instantly Connect To Your Intuition ​To Answer Any Question; Anywhere, Anytime

In this guided meditation bundle, complete with a step-by-step e-book and a reflective journal, you'll Unlock limitless possibilities, identify obstacles, and light your path to success. Content includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions to swiftly drop into intuitive states

  • Guided audio meditation walking you through the steps

  • Reflective journal to track your findings

  • Receive unlimited insights in all areas of your business and personal life!

Hear How The Intuitive Activation Has Helped Others, Just Like You


Elliot Hans

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Stoned Immaculate

"It amazes me every time! It takes a short 5-10 minutes at first and then it happens quicker and quicker. And all the information is sitting there waiting for me to tune in!"

Amber James

Attorney & Founder, Velisa Wines

"Honestly, there is nothing out there like this! It truly is invaluable in my business and life by simply aligning with my intuitive truth. Thank you, Monique"

Lovely to Meet You...

Congratulations, you made it! You're on your way to tapping in and strengthening your intuitive self enabling you to have clarity and confidence in all that you do!

​I'm so excited for you to get started in accessing your intuition and experience your own personal magic with my 12-page e-Book, Journal, and Guided Audio!

Be sure to download the e-Book before you listen to the audio to log your insights and answers as you explore your intuitive field.

And, don't forget to practice daily as the more you do, the easier it becomes to identify & hear your inner voice, anywhere, any time & in 60 seconds or less!

If you'd like to explore your intuition on a deeper level to help your personal or professional life, schedule a Free Discovery Session with me.

​Enjoy, and have fun exploring your own innate superpowers!

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