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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

Welcome! I'm Monique Evans, here to guide conscious entrepreneurs like you toward scalable success and lasting impact. 

Harnessing the power of intuition, I help unlock limitless possibilities for aligning your energies and transforming your business & life. 

During personalized business sessions, we'll explore the dynamic interplay of visible and invisible energies and quickly integrate any blocks allowing you to operate more freely, effortlessly, and profitably.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together—utilizing divine intelligence to craft your brand, and launch your business with clarity, confidence, and purpose!

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What Clients Are Saying

Warren Roberts
Founder / Living Legacy Forests

​When I met Monique I wasn’t sure how to take the next step in my business. Her insight, cognizance, and comprehension helped me to choose the right path when I was at a crossroads and it most certainly has paid off. Her accurate and deep understanding aided me with the tools and awareness I needed in order to take the right step into a brave new world and business enterprise. Her intuition combined with her marketing and business acumen was a welcomed gift.

Jacquie Jordan
CEO, TVGuestpert

Monique holds your greatest potential and reflects back to you the highest timeline of your professional and life purpose with clarity, directness, and actionable steps that will transcend any blocks and resistance holding you back from actualizing your fullest potential.


It's Time to Align and Scale You & Your Business

Are you ready to elevate both yourself and your business to new heights? Look no further. I'm here to guide you on a transformative journey of alignment and growth.

My mission is clear: to empower conscious entrepreneurs like you to kickstart or realign your brands and businesses. With a unique blend of grounded intuitive insights, brand activation strategies, and hands-on business implementation, I offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

We'll cover everything from your entrepreneurial purpose, business foundation & blueprint, branding, sales & marketing, financial planning & more! The result? A fully aligned and operational business that not only makes a significant impact but also authentically reflects your highest self and fulfills your deepest aspirations.

Join the ranks of my past and present conscious clients from diverse industries, including:

- Health & Wellness
- Coaching
- Media & Entertainment
- Environmental
- Finance & Law
- Apparel/Fashion
- Consumer Goods
- Beauty & Personal Care
- Professional Services & More

Together, let's create a business that resonates with your soul and brings your vision to life. Are you ready to align and scale with purpose? Let's connect and make it happen.

Free Downloads 

Supercharge your intuition & business with these helpful guides, planners, resource lists, templates, and more! The current library includes:

-  Learn how to use your intuition in business with the Intuitive Activation & Meditation Bundle

- Get quick links to amazing apps & tools to help activate your business with the  Business Tech Stack

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Complimentary Discovery Session

The complimentary Discovery Session is your opportunity to explore how I can support you on your conscious entrepreneurial path. We'll establish where you're at, your challenges & goals, and how I & my team can help get you where you want to go with clarity and empowerment.

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Business Insight Session

A profoundly unique experience exploring the depths of your business's energetic frequency, uncovering hidden data, and aligning your efforts for maximum success, all while gaining clarity, confidence, and inspiration. You bring your challenges and we will resolve them while downloading the steps to your personalized success.

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Business Accelerator Program

Work directly with Monique & turn your business aspirations into a reality with this 12-week program.  Features creative brand development, strategic business, sales + marketing planning, intuitive insights, quantum healing, and more!

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Business Intensives & Retreats

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Join Monique for an exclusive 3-day getaway where you'll have the opportunity to work one-on-one. This intensive retreat combines the power of aligning your vision, creating a solid foundation, and activating your business for rapid growth.

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The Conscious Entrepreneur Membership

ASPIRE Community was created as an intentional entrepreneurial space to help clients and like-minded beings actualize their own "superpowers" while creating aligned brands that not only have an impact but are soul-inspiring for all. In addition to the downloads, courses, and community Aspire offers, I look forward to working with you all during the bimonthly Alignment Sessions. You will have the opportunity to tune in, ask questions, and receive downloads regarding your business and journey, experience Quantum Integration (healing) to clear blocks, ask practical business questions to get know-how, and a taste of accountability in the process.

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Custom & DFY Intuitive Branding & Websites

Elevate your brand frequency and revenue through Monique's custom, intuitive, and all-inclusive brand and web development services, authentically designed to inspire your users while increasing your bottom line.

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Online Courses

Experience immersive online courses designed to grow and solidify your business foundation, unleash your creative branding potential, bring clarity to your profitable product and service offerings, and have a strong foundation of tools to help you navigate the personal challenges that may arise. Complete with office hours with Monique, you will find pure enjoyment  & empowerment going through these self-paced courses.

  • Self Coaching & Healing Course
  • Branding Your Vision Course
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I'm J. Monique

Buckle up, sweet soul, because we're about to dive deep into a world where the illusion of limitation gets left in the dust, both in your personal realm and the busy business hustle. Imagine a life bursting with freedom, all because we've mastered the art of tuning into intuition and how to use it in business to "get sh*t done!" That's the kinda magic I stumbled upon back in 2004, nestled in a cushy corporate gig, playing boss-lady in management and executive roles for global lifestyle brands. The magic of my multi-dimensional self and intuitive abilities could no longer be denied or ignored. Fast forward to now, dedicating my life to helping people just like you launch, run, and manage businesses and clients you love, with profits, purpose, and passion. Read more to find out about the "J"...

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The Conscious Entrepreneur Branding Your Vision Course

Discover the Conscious Brand Activation Course, an immersive self-paced online program designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and reinvigorate established businesses by aligning their core purpose with lucrative clientele and fostering authentic success with financial growth. Unleash your business's true potential and attract your ideal clients while igniting a purpose-driven journey that harmonizes passion, profit, and purpose. The Ultimate Conscious Business Blueprint.

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What Clients Are Saying


The business accelerator program was the best thing I ever did for my business and myself. Within the first session, I could see clearly where my own efforts and perspectives were actually blocking my business growth and holding me back.

Christy Nichols
Founder, Venture Within Leadership

Going into this program I felt lost, uninspired, and very disconnected from my brand. Monique was able to tune into my field, reground my vision with my brand, and do so in a way that's very meaningful and fulfilling. She also remarkably unblocked my energy in a healing session, allowing me to be able to write again, be creative again and connect with myself again. It felt so good to be passionate again. Since I was launching three new services with the refresh of my company, the product build-outs were extremely beneficial, giving me clarity, confidence, and hope. Monique knows what she's doing. And for an all-over-the-place creative like me, learning how to establish these processes is 100% invaluable. I feel more embodied, more confident, and ready to change the world.

Melissa Souel
Founder, EcoSoul


Working with Monique has been such a blessing for my business and over the course of three months I went from having a subtle idea of how I could work with people to being completely booked out with clients and experiencing one of my highest income months of almost breaking 5 figures.

 Ana Frank
Founder, Yoga Still + Life Coaching

Monique's Business Accelerator Program has been a tremendous life changer to the growth of my business. I required so much help with getting clarity about what my business could offer my tribe. Monique was able to tap into that space of confusion and guide me to clarity and alignment. This brought ease and comfort around the direction and growth of my business. I've created more flow, confidence, and sacred space for my business to attract my tribe. Without her support and guidance, I feel like I would still be hustling and lost vs. feeling in control and confident with what I have to offer the world.

Jennifer Escalara
Founder, Mystic Living Healing

Your program helped me immensely! Through our work, I was able to clearly articulate the vision of The Living Spree Life and how I can be of service to women. The process challenged me on every level and helped me grow. Also, the branding piece alone I felt was well worth the whole program cost. I have a beautiful brand that I am super proud of. I highly recommend this program!

 Sara S.
Real Estate Entrepreneur


I highly recommend the Business Accelerator program to anyone! With Monique’s guidance and support I was able to create and launch my entire business on the exact day I had wanted. Honestly, if you had seen me at the beginning of the program it would have been a very questionable proposition as I doubted my abilities, was very unclear, and had no clue as to what was involved in launching a business. Every part of the program complemented the other as the insight sessions allowed me to understand what was the true issue, then work on them in the integration session, and then implement strategies to create my brand. The accountability session was really helpful as there were plenty of action items that I needed to do & they helped to keep me on track.

 Narelle Painter
Sound & Energy Healer


Intuitive Activation Bundle including  E-Book, Guided Audio + Journal

Learn How To Instantly Connect To Your Intuition, Anywhere, Anytime, To Answer Any Question!

Get started in accessing your intuition and experience your own personal magic with this 12-page e-Book, Journal, and Guided Audio!

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