The Quantum Integration™ process is a powerful modality designed to quickly transmute physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks so you can stay in flow with your personal & professional goals. 

The Quantum Integration™ process is a powerful modality designed to swiftly transmute physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks. 

"Instantly, during my first session, something AMAZING happened to my soul. 

It felt like the pounds of negativity, sadness, angry, confusion, frustration, blame, etc. had lifted out of my body and I am now able to enjoy my life without the thoughts and feelings of pain."

Bianca A.

"Wow, what a game changer!

I had no idea what Quantum Integration™ was before our session but I was totally blown away by the specificity and accuracy of what Monique shared. She was able to tune in to The Field and garner very specific information to remove blockages and clear the path for a completely aligned business. I felt the shift immediately and so did my business. The results have been amazing! As an Entrepreneur, I will definitely be including Quantum Integration™ as part of my general business (and LIFE lol) management. I feel really fortunate to have this as a resource in my toolkit.

Sage J.

"The results I've seen in my life, almost immediately, have been truly remarkable.

My first Quantum Integration™ session with Monique was invaluable. I was seeking clarity on issues that had been holding me back for years. We found big subconscious blocks that I didn't even know were there!  I feel empowered in a way that I could only understand intellectually before. You must experience it to know the depth of this work's effects!

AdaPia D.

Experience Immediate Freedom with Quantum Integration™


Quantum Integration™ is a transformative healing modality, where the wisdom of theoretical physics meets profound energetic healing.  We embrace the beautiful concept that we are already healed; we simply need to integrate our fragmented energy fields to bring ourselves back to homeostasis. 

Through Quantum Integration™, you will experience powerful, multidimensional transformation without needing to do anything yourself. Allow us to activate your innate healed state and guide you to a place of balance and harmony.

This transformative experience doesn’t just address your immediate issues—it provides lasting change, enhancing your overall well-being and allowing you to live the life you dream of. By engaging in Quantum Integration™, you open the door to a higher level of health and vitality, becoming a beacon of light and inspiration for your community, clients, and loved ones. ✨

What Could Happen if You Integrated Your Challenges, Blocks & Issues?

Personal Empowerment

You'll feel empowered to take charge of your own life and overcome obstacles with confidence.

Emotional Liberation

Integrating issues and challenges can lead to emotional freedom, allowing you to experience greater joy and peace.

Improved Relationships

Resolving internal blocks can positively impact your relationships, leading to deeper connections and understanding.

Enhanced Well-being

Addressing challenges at a deeper level can contribute to improved mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Increased Resilience

Learning to integrate challenges  upsets cultivates resilience, enabling you to bounce back stronger from perceived setbacks as there is an inner Remembrance to these concepts and you have the tools to alter the situation,

Manifestation Abilities

As you clear blocks, you may find it easier to manifest your desires and goals as you are instantly transported to the dimensions where they are attainable.

Spiritual Growth

The Quantum Integration™ process can facilitate spiritual growth and connection, leading to a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Contribution to Others

By mastering this method, you can also help others clear their own blocks and challenges, leading to collective healing and transformation.

 "Quantum Integration is a way out [of the matrix] by experiencing yourself as a multidimensional & healed being. We are already healed & whole. We simply 'forgot' as we entered this 'time' construct."

Monique Evans

"You cannot solve your problems from the same consciousness that created the problem." 

Albert Einstein

 "Quantum Integration is a way out [of the matrix] by truly experiencing yourself as a multidimensional & healed being."

Monique Evans

What is the Quantum Integration™ Process?

Imagine yourself as part of a unified field of energy, where everything is interconnected. This holistic approach recognizes that our physical, mental, and emotional well-being are all influenced by the vibrational frequencies within this field. By aligning these frequencies, we restore harmony and balance, leading to deep healing and transformation.

Quantum Integration™ taps into the cutting-edge insights of quantum physics, working with powerful concepts like "dimensions" and "entanglement" to help you see that your existence spans multiple dimensions and that your experiences are deeply intertwined with the universe.

A unique aspect of Quantum Integration™ is the reliance on the practitioner’s intuitive ability to navigate and harmonize these energetic patterns. This intuitive guidance allows for a personalized and deeply resonant "healing" experience, as the practitioner attunes to the specific dimensions of each individual.

One of the core beliefs of Quantum Integration™ is that we are not here to learn lessons but to Remember Who We Really Are. This journey is about reconnecting with your true essence and recognizing your inherent wholeness and perfection.

"I was blown away by Quantum Integration!

I feel more full of light, grounded, and more empowered than ever before since working with Monique. I felt full of light and totally transformed after."

Erin P.

"Her gentle nurturing assertiveness leaves no stone unturned as she patiently guides you on a journey towards your freedom. 

Monique is truly unique, one of a kind. I am beyond Grateful to have connected to the work she offers. I was drawn to her because I had been dealing with some serious health issues that had been affecting me, not only on a physical level but mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well. After each session with her, I felt an incredible lightness to my being, it was as if weights of old pain from life-times were lifted off me. Thank you for your gift to the world Monique.

Kristy D.

"I’ve had several sessions that each have honestly changed my life and my perspective of my life.

I was never a firm believer in energy work of any kind until I was fortunate enough to experience the Quantum Integrarion™ with Monique. I decided to at least try it out once. I cannot express how grateful I am to have experienced what I think is the most powerful thing anyone could do for any kind of physical or emotional pain."

Brooke P.

Who Can Benefit from Quantum Integration?

Quantum Integration™ is designed to support a wide range of individuals seeking profound healing and transformation. Here’s a sampling of who can benefit:

  • Those Seeking Peace & Mental Clarity: For individuals overwhelmed by stress, confusion, or mental fatigue, this modality offers a path to mental clarity and focus.

  • Conscious Entrepreneurs and Mindful Professionals: Business owners, entrepreneurs, and mindful professionals can use Quantum Integration™ to manage stress, enhance productivity, and maintain overall well-being, leading to greater success and fulfillment in their careers.

  • Professionals in High-Stress Environments: Executives, corporate professionals, and those in demanding jobs can benefit from the stress management and enhanced clarity provided by Quantum Integration™.

  • Leaders Seeking Mindset Shifts: Leaders who want to make significant shifts in their mindset and approach to leadership will find Quantum Integration™ a valuable tool for transformation and growth.

  • Spiritual Seekers: Those on a spiritual journey looking to deepen their connection to their true essence and the universe can benefit from the expansive, multidimensional healing Quantum Integration™ provides.

  • Persons Seeking Personal Growth: Individuals committed to personal development and self-improvement will find that Quantum Integration™ fosters profound shifts in consciousness and self-awareness.

  • People with Psychic and Energetic Sensitivities: Those who are highly sensitive to energy or who have psychic abilities can benefit from the balance and harmony that Quantum Integration™ brings to their energetic fields. 

"My work with Monique has been a catalyst in transforming some major patterns in my life around relationships and has helped clear the way for my expansion and growth.

I've done a few sessions with Monique both in person and over Skype and I'm always impressed with her precision, accuracy and professionalism. She carries an integrated mix of both practicality and mysticism that creates a dynamic approach to any situation. She has the capacity to go as deep as you are ready and holds a safe container to explore any level of healing. I would highly recommend her sessions to anyone ready for radical shifts in their lives!

Devon M.

"I have been profoundly fortunate to have personally experienced Monique's work with Quantum Integration™.

Having struggled with the physical and emotional effects of a brain injury for many years, I'm amazed at the power this technique offers and how very quickly it was able to resolve powerful and longstanding issues that have been a painful source of disability. While at first I was somewhat skeptical I remained open-minded and hopeful that this technique would offer me relief; the remarkable results of my first session washed away any doubts I had. In addition, Monique is completely non-judgmental, extremely insightful, supportive, and very easy to talk to. I strongly encourage anyone who is suffering from emotional or physical trauma of any kind to give her gift an honest try. If your experience is anywhere close to mine you will be very grateful that you did."

Sam P.

"Monique is really a good therapist!"

Even being a therapist myself, I've never worked with somebody with this level of intuition, energy, good vibes, and also technique as a therapist. I was most amazed with every session we did and I'm grateful for the results of this treatment with her. Thank you very much, Monique!

- Jean Oliveira

Quantum Integration™

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"Quantum Integration™ is the fastest healing I've ever experienced.

Within the past week, I had a private Quantum Integration™ session. I started with lower back pain rated at 7/10 level of intensity and within 20 minutes the tension melted away to zero and it's still gone! Quantum Integration™ is the fastest healing I've ever experienced and all I had to do was be present and allow for the transformation to happen. Highly recommend!

Petra H.

"Whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional she’s been able to help me on so many levels.

Each Quantum Integration™ session I’ve had with Monique has been a completely unique experience. She's been able to tap into beliefs and feelings that I never even realized were holding me back in my life. Whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional she’s been able to help me on so many levels.

Andrea P.

"I have felt a million times better and more free in my life.

I’ve felt stuck and blocked in my business and life. Ever since my Quantum Integration™ session, I have felt a million times better and more free in my life."

Michael F.

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"You cannot solve your problems from the same consciousness that created the problem." 

Albert Einstein